Casus Belli – Update #21 Version 1.2 announcement


We are proud to announce the version 1.2 of Casus Belli. It will be released this Sunday september 16. You’ll find below the changelog of this version.

We hope to see you on Sunday for lot of fun.





- Fixed spawn-on-leader bug that caused players to spawn under the map.
- Spawn-on leader is now more efficient.
- Fixed auto-team-balance that was switching players randomly.
- Fixed bug that caused players to sprint for ever after they got knocked down by an explosion.
- Fixed holding breath that was disabling the current weapon’s recoil.
- Shadows cannot be disabled from the options to avoid exploits.
- Removed hitmarkers and added blood splats when players are hit.
- Replaced black screen by red screen when low on health.
- Moved the « Close » button on the fullscreen map to prevent players from throwing mortars at the button’s location.
- Fixed flags capture being buggous when the flag capture was contested.
- Fixed bug that caused players not to see the flags capture progress when spawning in a flag area.
- Fixed bug that was sometimes preventing players to earn money when (un)capturing a flag.


- It is now possible to un-purchase an item.
- It is now possible to (auto-)purchase the last purchased items.
- Keyboard keys will now auto-repeat in the UI text-fields.
- Flags capture zones are now drawn on the radar.
- Stamina consumption reduced by 10 times when holding breath.
- FOV can be configured client-side from the options menu. Yet, the FOV is clamped between 50..80 to avoid exploits.
- Instead of specifying the target location only, squad leaders can now specify a path in the command center.
- Removed auto-respawn.
- Squad-leaders are now notified if squad members cannot respawn on them (especially when the squad-leader is back to a wall).


- Fixed mouse cursor that could remain visible in-game.
- Refined all the voting menus (votemap, votekick, end-game votemap).
- Voting countdown is now displayed when there is a vote in progress.
- The radar now indicates the direction to the game objectives (flags, intelligence etc.)
- Death-messages icons are now correct when killing an ennemy with AT4, RPG7 and artillery.
- Selected command is now better visible in commorose menu.


- Removed red dots by default.
- Red dots can be visible using server-side cvar hud_sv_show_sdm_players [0=off, 1=squad-leaders, 2=all].


- Tickets are locked after 60 seconds (cvar) in Capture the Intelligence. This should prevent people from base-camping.


- All the final objectives are now hacking objectives to make the game more consistent.
- Flags capture progress now consist of laptops rather than BF2-style flags.


- New map « Ruins » (AAS)
- New map « Metro » (INT/SDM)
- New map « Refinery » (AAS/INT/SDM)
- Increased performance in a couple of maps, especially in Bridge.
- Fixed various bugs in most of the existing maps.
- New loading musics for Island, Ruins/Metro and Refinery.


- Added new weapon « SCAR-H » as the Assault’s unlock.
- Added new weapon « MG3″ as the Support’s unlock.
- Added new weapon « PECHENEG » as the Support’s unlock.
- Reworked ALL of the 1P/3P weapon sounds.
- Fixed gas mask turning off randomly.
- Knives can be used when prone.
- Light Machineguns are now way more efficient to use when deployed.
- Default key to deploy LMGs is « C ».
- Tweaked all the weapons’ recoil and spread, especially the LMGs.
- Nerfed: VSS, Tar21
- Increased damage: UZI, Kriss, F2000, Shi-ten,


- 64 bits version is now officially supported!

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