Casus Belli Release 1 - Game Manual & FAQ

Table of contents

1. Epilepsy Warning

Read this notice before you or your child use any video game

A very small portion of the population have a condition which may cause them to experience epileptic seizures or have momentary loss of consciousness when viewing certain kinds of flashing lights or patterns that are commonly present in our daily environment. These persons may experience seizures while watching some kinds of television pictures or playing certain video games. Players who have not had any previous seizures may nonetheless have an undetected epileptic condition.

If you or anyone in your family has experienced symptoms linked to an epileptic condition (e.g. a seizure or loss of awareness), immediately consult your physician before using any video games. We recommend that parents observe their children while they play video games. If you or your child experience any of the following symptoms: dizziness, altered vision, eye or muscle twitching, involuntary movements, loss of awareness, disorientation, or convulsions, DISCONTINUE USE IMMEDIATELY and consult your physician.

Follow these precautions whenever using video games

  • When playing the game, do not sit or stand too close to the screen. Play as far back from the screen as possible.
  • Play video games on the smallest available screen.
  • Do not play if you are tired or need sleep.
  • Always play in a well lit room.
  • Be sure to take a 10 to 15 minute break every hour while playing.

2. Installing the game

Please follow the installation instructions we provided..

3. Starting the game

In order to run Casus Belli, you need to double-click the Casus Belli shortcut on your Desktop.

4. Default controls

Walk/StrafeW, S, A, D
LeanQ, E
Stand up/JumpSpace
CrouchLeft Control
Sprint/Hold breathLeft Shift
ShootMouse 1
Zoom/Alt. fireMouse 2
Drop weaponJ
Next/previous weaponMouse wheel up/down
Last used weapont
Cat. primary weapon1
Cat. secondary weapon2
Cat. knife3
Cat. grenades4
Cat. heavy weapons5
Cat. explosives6
Cat. accessories7
Open/close mapM
Cycle radar zoomN
Open fullscreen mapHold N
Chat/Team chatY, U
Radio menu (commo-rose)V (hold)
Voice chatLeft Alt
Switch to driver steat1
Switch to gunner steat2
Toggle passengers seats3, 4
Toggle third person viewF3
Zoom in/outMouse wheel up/down

5. Bug reporting and feedback

In Casus Belli you can report bugs and feedback directly from the game.

All you need to do is to press the F4 key in-game and send us your report. The use of the English language is strongly advised.

Also, the bug reports tool automatically sends a screenshot to us. You may disable the screenshot capture by unticking the "Screenshot" checkbox.

If you think your bug/feedbac is really worth sharing on the forum, then you may post a new topic on our forum boards.

6. Troubleshooting FAQ

Please read the Troubleshooting FAQ page.

7. Technical support

If you are experiencing any trouble with Casus Belli, we strongly advise you to have a look at our forum boards.